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WIP: He-Man and the Power Sword - UPDATE

In the Meantime I have included the figures... Thimk it will turn out great!
I included some composition lines just to let you know how it all is constructed...

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword Painting - Major Change

Major Change in Man-At-Arms' pose: On the original artwork he is hit by an energy ray – standing around totally unconcerned.  I love Alcalas art, but this doesn't work too well. I decided to give Man-At-Arms any reaction to the threatening blast. My friend Bj√∂rn "DJForce" said, a weapons master wouldn't let anybody shoot him down that easily. What should I say, the DJ was right. On my painting Duncan will protect himself with an energy shield - in my opinion an adequate reaction of our "Heroic Master of Weapons".
And here is the newest picture of the painting -   character sketches are included and give a glimpse of their size in the artwork.

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword: Man At Arms Sketch

Another character sketch for the upcoming painting.

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword Update: Grayskull Finished!