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WIP: Live Painting at Grayskull Con 2014 - GRAYSKULL!

Here is the result of my oil live painting panel at Grayskull Con 2014 - it was fun to meet all the people. This will be the background for the "He-Man and the Power Sword" painting (panel photo by Jukka Issakainen).  Enjoy!

WIP: New Sketches for He-Man

Here are two new detail sketches for the painting "He-Man and the Power Sword".

WIP: First Sketches: MOTU - He-Man and the Power Sword

These are very first sketches for my new oil painting "He-Man and the Power Sword". The picture will be a huge 1,00m x 1,20m sized conversation of the minicomic-cover made by Alfredo Alcala.

 The beginning of the painting process on canvas is planned as a live panel on Grayskull Con 2014...