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Waterfall 1997

This is an early painting from 1997, simply named "Waterfall". Oil on Canvas, ca. 80 x 110 cm.
Sorry for the bad quality, it is in private hands and I do not have any high quality pics.

Mural For My Godchild

This is a mural in my godchild's room - acrylics on... wallpaper.

WIP: He-Man and the Power Sword - UPDATE

In the Meantime I have included the figures... Thimk it will turn out great!
I included some composition lines just to let you know how it all is constructed...

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword Painting - Major Change

Major Change in Man-At-Arms' pose: On the original artwork he is hit by an energy ray – standing around totally unconcerned.  I love Alcalas art, but this doesn't work too well. I decided to give Man-At-Arms any reaction to the threatening blast. My friend Bj√∂rn "DJForce" said, a weapons master wouldn't let anybody shoot him down that easily. What should I say, the DJ was right. On my painting Duncan will protect himself with an energy shield - in my opinion an adequate reaction of our "Heroic Master of Weapons".
And here is the newest picture of the painting -   character sketches are included and give a glimpse of their size in the artwork.

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword: Man At Arms Sketch

Another character sketch for the upcoming painting.

WIP: He-Man And The Power Sword Update: Grayskull Finished!


WIP: Live Painting at Grayskull Con 2014 - GRAYSKULL!

Here is the result of my oil live painting panel at Grayskull Con 2014 - it was fun to meet all the people. This will be the background for the "He-Man and the Power Sword" painting (panel photo by Jukka Issakainen).  Enjoy!

WIP: New Sketches for He-Man

Here are two new detail sketches for the painting "He-Man and the Power Sword".

WIP: First Sketches: MOTU - He-Man and the Power Sword

These are very first sketches for my new oil painting "He-Man and the Power Sword". The picture will be a huge 1,00m x 1,20m sized conversation of the minicomic-cover made by Alfredo Alcala.

 The beginning of the painting process on canvas is planned as a live panel on Grayskull Con 2014...

WIP: Captain Future Statue in 1/5th scale

First WIP shot of my Captain Future Statue - 1/5th scale.
Material: Sculpey Firm and a cateye glass piece.

Oil Painting: Masters Of The Universe - Attack of the Invisible Gnomes

It is done.
Here is my new painting 'Attack of the Invisible Gnomes' - after a scene in a classic german MOTU audio play named 'The Tree of Dying Time'. Skeletor has hurt the mighty tree in Avion and unleashed the invisible gnomes - the city seems to descend into chaos... Painted for the Grayskull Con Germany 2014 Exclusive.
It is based on the vintage box art styles, peppered with some subtile and some bigger easter eggs and references to the good old times, beginning with my beloved Alcala Skeletor up to complete elements of William George's epic boxarts.

Oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm.

Bolts for The Flash

I decided to add yellow bolts to the fastest man alive. I cut them out of neon colored plexiglas sheets, smooth and sand them and add them to the figure.
The result will be a nice effect, I think...

WIP Oil Painting: Chaos in Avion

WIP of a new oil painting, working title: "Chaos In Avion" (Oil on canvas, ca. 70 x 100 cm).
Based on a scene in a german audio play "Der Baum der sterbenden Zeit" ("The Tree Of Dying Time"), where He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are fighting in Avion - against invisible goblins...

Teaser - Captain Future Statue

Teaser of my new sculpting project - Captain Future is coming along in 1/5th scale

The Flash statue gets some color


I bash The Flash

WIP shot of renewing the old Horizon kit.