Full Gallery: Alex Ross Premium Format Statue Finished!

It is done at last.
Here are the pics of my finished 1/4 Alex Ross Premium Format Superman Statue.
It is quite impressing with it's height of almost 23 inches.
Now I am fully satisfied with it and so I can begin new projects.

 Superman Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol

Superman 23' Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol

Superman Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol


  1. That looks GREAT! How can I get one?

  2. Thanks. One...? There is just one unique piece. :D

    Maybe I sell it one day... depending on serious offers, but I had to think about it very well - as long as I could sell it only once.

  3. Any time you want to sell, please contact me.


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