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Hello there! Welcome to my little blog. I won't post every day at this place - but while posting and sharing my hobbies in various forums I was asked for a place where I show all of my work and not just specific pieces. You will find WIPs of actual projects and pieces that are already finished.

So here wo go.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Full Gallery: Alex Ross Premium Format Statue Finished!

It is done at last.
Here are the pics of my finished 1/4 Alex Ross Premium Format Superman Statue.
It is quite impressing with it's height of almost 23 inches.
Now I am fully satisfied with it and so I can begin new projects.

 Superman Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol

Superman 23' Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol

Superman Premium Format Statue - by SiMo Sol


  1. That looks GREAT! How can I get one?

  2. Thanks. One...? There is just one unique piece. :D

    Maybe I sell it one day... depending on serious offers, but I had to think about it very well - as long as I could sell it only once.

  3. Any time you want to sell, please contact me.