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Acrylic Painting: Poppy Flower

2010 -  Acrylics on Canvas, ca. 80 x 120 cm

1/6 Wolverine Horizon Kit Modification

Hello there - here is an older kit again.
I got an old Wolverine 1/6 model Kit on the bay.
some may know it:

Well, I began building it up. I made some modifications with the suit and he gets a complete new Headsculpt. I wanted to unmask him. :-) The new head is roughly inspired by Hugh Jackman.
Head, Belt, leather-like tiger stripe applications, leather texture on boots, folds in the suit, new movie-shaped claws - and I decided to make him stomping on his demaged mask. Like it. :-)

Here are a few WIP-shot, too:

Full Gallery: Alex Ross Premium Format Statue Finished!

It is done at last.
Here are the pics of my finished 1/4 Alex Ross Premium Format Superman Statue.
It is quite impressing with it's height of almost 23 inches.
Now I am fully satisfied with it and so I can begin new projects.

Superman Statue - Alex Ross Style - UPDATE

After a year of trouble ... ... I am back.

I just tease a small update. Little paintjob issues are left to do - I hope to finish my piece at weekend.