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Hello there! Welcome to my little blog. I won't post every day at this place - but while posting and sharing my hobbies in various forums I was asked for a place where I show all of my work and not just specific pieces. You will find WIPs of actual projects and pieces that are already finished.

So here wo go.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another older statue: He-Man riding on Battlecat 1/6th scale

Hello there!
Here is another "little" piece of my collection - a huge He-Man on his Battle Cat.
I know there may be some hardcore fans who would say "Battlecat's mask is not correct"... blah blah... Guess what? I know that.
The design is based on the classic line but I made various things in an own interpretation.
Longer haircut for the man, the mask of Cat is a mix between the old and the 200x one, the arm-accessiores are designed totally different. The small bag at He-Man's belt in the 200x series was a good idea in my opinion, but I would not like it to dangle in front of my balls. So I put it at the hip.
More sensible will be the fact that I gave some reins to the tiger. Well - I think it is an animal and the LotR Warg was quite a good example for my idea. 

He-man on Battlecat Statue - by SiMo Sol

He-man on Battlecat Statue - by SiMo Sol
He-man on Battlecat Statue - by SiMo Sol


  1. OMG! This is the most sexy He-Man I ever see in my life! Man it's awesome! Greetings from Poland!

  2. really cool!!

    I would buy it in a heartbeat!

    Greetings Arjan
    From the Netherlands

  3. Well, do it. :D
    Thanks anyway.

  4. That is great, the hair is the best part. Heman never seems to have good hair and you have fixed that.