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Heath Ledger Joker

2009 - After Heath Ledger's outstanding job I wanted to prize it just fairly: by a new 1/6 scale statue in my collection.

The materials: Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt and Resin, witch I poured in thin layers onto the inside of the coat - just to give it more stability. The Knife is made of Apoxie, the Card and the Money has been printed and the chain is made of... well - chain. *grin*
Sculpting the Hair was really difficult... I decided to add very thin chips i scraped off a plastic sheet to make it more struggly.

The paintjob wasn't easy. I used some decals for the shirt, but painting the pinstripes on his trousers (freehand) took three hours...

Another older statue: He-Man riding on Battlecat 1/6th scale

Hello there!
Here is another "little" piece of my collection - a huge He-Man on his Battle Cat.
I know there may be some hardcore fans who would say "Battlecat's mask is not correct"... blah blah... Guess what? I know that.
The design is based on the classic line but I made various things in an own interpretation.
Longer haircut for the man, the mask of Cat is a mix between the old and the 200x one, the arm-accessiores are designed totally different. The small bag at He-Man's belt in the 200x series was a good idea in my opinion, but I would not like it to dangle in front of my balls. So I put it at the hip.
More sensible will be the fact that I gave some reins to the tiger. Well - I think it is an animal and the LotR Warg was quite a good example for my idea. 

Update on Indy - paintjob is in pogress.


James Bond 1/6 Scale Statue

One more older pice. In 2008 I sculpted this James Bond statue. Think I'll re-do the head area one day... but it is still a nice figure.