Oil Painting: Masters Of The Universe – Mini Comic Cover "King Of Castle Grayskull"

Hello there.

I have just finished my latest project – transferring an old MOTU Mini comic cover into
a 40" x 32" sized oil painting on canvas.
I really love the pre-filmation comics and KOCG is my all-time-favorite cover.
As a fan of the original old-style box arts done by Rudy Obrero or William George and so I try to give it that look.

Here is the old original cover from 1983 - old fans of MOTU surely know it:

taken from he-man.org

And here is the result. The finished painting is riddled with little hommages to some of my favorite arts and artists like Boris Vallejo or the original Battle Cat box art.

King Of Castle Grayskull by SiMo Sol

I think a few of you might enjoy it.
Maybe next will be "He-man And The Power Sword".


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