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Indiana Jones Statue - Finished!

Here is my lastest work - Temple Of Doom Indiana Jones as a 1/6th scale statue.
It is based on the classic Horizon kit but I made a new chest area, shirt, shoes, whip, right arm and - of course - head. Well, I guess almost everything is new.

My Desk - Yesterday.

Little Emma

A drawing of my nice niece. :)
Pastels on toned paper, 60x80 cm.

Ionic James Bond - Sean Connery Is The Golden Age Agent.

Not the one and only James Bond - but the most ionic. Sean Connery.  An old Juniper Model Kit with a new headscuplt I did a few years ago. . 



Oil Painting: Masters Of The Universe – Mini Comic Cover "King Of Castle Grayskull"

Hello there.

I have just finished my latest project – transferring an old MOTU Mini comic cover into
a 40" x 32" sized oil painting on canvas.
I really love the pre-filmation comics and KOCG is my all-time-favorite cover.
As a fan of the original old-style box arts done by Rudy Obrero or William George and so I try to give it that look.

Here is the old original cover from 1983 - old fans of MOTU surely know it:

And here is the result. The finished painting is riddled with little hommages to some of my favorite arts and artists like Boris Vallejo or the original Battle Cat box art.

I think a few of you might enjoy it.
Maybe next will be "He-man And The Power Sword".

Heath Ledger Joker

2009 - After Heath Ledger's outstanding job I wanted to prize it just fairly: by a new 1/6 scale statue in my collection.

The materials: Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt and Resin, witch I poured in thin layers onto the inside of the coat - just to give it more stability. The Knife is made of Apoxie, the Card and the Money has been printed and the chain is made of... well - chain. *grin*
Sculpting the Hair was really difficult... I decided to add very thin chips i scraped off a plastic sheet to make it more struggly.

The paintjob wasn't easy. I used some decals for the shirt, but painting the pinstripes on his trousers (freehand) took three hours...

Another older statue: He-Man riding on Battlecat 1/6th scale

Hello there!
Here is another "little" piece of my collection - a huge He-Man on his Battle Cat.
I know there may be some hardcore fans who would say "Battlecat's mask is not correct"... blah blah... Guess what? I know that.
The design is based on the classic line but I made various things in an own interpretation.
Longer haircut for the man, the mask of Cat is a mix between the old and the 200x one, the arm-accessiores are designed totally different. The small bag at He-Man's belt in the 200x series was a good idea in my opinion, but I would not like it to dangle in front of my balls. So I put it at the hip.
More sensible will be the fact that I gave some reins to the tiger. Well - I think it is an animal and the LotR Warg was quite a good example for my idea. 

Update on Indy - paintjob is in pogress.


James Bond 1/6 Scale Statue

One more older pice. In 2008 I sculpted this James Bond statue. Think I'll re-do the head area one day... but it is still a nice figure.

Jack Bauer 24 1/6 Statue

This is my built-from-scretch Jack Bauer Statue in 1/6th scale I did two years ago.
Just found it on an old forum. Enjoy.

Whip sculpted


Portrait of Mother and Son


Update on Indiana Jones.


Indiana Jones 1/6 Headsculpt

Here is my newest headsculpt.   In the context of bashing the classic Hozizon Kit "Indiana Jones" (see small pic below) I made a new head. Enjoy:

There will be much more additions to this kit:  conversation to a Temple Of Doom version with ripped shirtnew, more authentic bagnew sculpted coiled whip with detailed surfacenew sculpted machete in handnew belt and gut holstermore details for his trousers and shoesnew more dynamic pose Updates will be here soon!

An Old Kit... "My Name Is Gladiator"

Today I'll show you a few pics of an old kit I built up 2 years ago. Headsculpt was done by myself, the gladius, too. Rest is a classic kit by JayDee.

My Desk Today


C-3PO is done!

New sculpted head and a nice golden polished finish. R2 and 3PO are together again.

Superman - after Alex Ross


What's up on my workplace today?

Just a quick shot of my jammed desk. 

While working on the TNG Crew I re-do my Kaiyodo C-3po Kit. I just bought a promising metallic gold colour named "Goldfinger". The effect is great enough to clean up that old figure. Once stripped the kit I am actually accurating the too slim head shape with apoxie.

TNG Teaser

Hello there.
I began re-working the Geometric Star Trek - The Next Generation crew.
Actually I make new heads for Jean Luc Picard and Data. And Riker. And Troy.

Just a first glimpse:

My 1/6th scale Bruce Willis / John McClane Statue from Die Hard I

After watching "Die Hard" again - like every year at christmas time - I decided to do a complete make-over of the classic 5th Sense Die Hard Model Kit. Here is a pic from the CH (NOT MINE): TAKEN FROM THE CLUBHOUSE Now - here is the John McClane statue from "Die Hard I" I did last year. Most of it made of Apoxie Sculpt – all in all in 1/6th scale. Enjoy!

WIP Shots while sculpting: